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Company summer closure

Fa-Tech Diagnostics Italia Srl. will be closed for holidays from August 1st through August 19th.


Have a nice holiday! From all of us at Fa-Tech!




June 2013: Pulsar LB26 placements are booming!

After the official launch in Q4 2012, placements of the Pulsar LB26 Laser Cassette Printer, have seen a dramatic increase. “Laboratories in Belgium and The Netherlands were the “early adaptors” of this unique system” says Fa-Tech Diagnostics’ Technical Director Mr. Karim Harchi. “Countries such as Switzerland and Germany were soon to follow and it seems that now the rest of Europe is convinced of the system as well.” The company expects to have more placements in Europe but also in Japan, South Korea and Australia later this year.

Fa-Tech Diagnostics is anticipating to launch a broader range of models for the histology tissue cassette printers later this year, in order to offer a wider variety of solutions to the customers. The new models that have cassette sorting and storage capabilities, have already been shipped to selected distributors for a “soft launch”. Please check the Fa-Tech website for regular updates.

August 2013: New promotional video on-line

Click here for the latest release on YouTube on the Pulsar LB26 tissue cassette printer from Fa-Tech Diagnostics!

December 2012: Pulsar LB26 at the Carrefour Pathologie, Paris, France

The Fa-Tech distributor, MM France, had the exlusive premiere of the Pulsar LB26 tissue cassette printer on the Carrefour Pathologie, in Paris, France, that was held from 19-23rd of November. Visitors that came to the MM France booth were impressed by the speed, print resolution and the fact that Pulsar can use multiple sides for printing. This was the first oppertunity to display the Pulsar to the French customers. MM France will actively start placing demo units in Q1 2013. The leads generated at Carrefour, are again another confirmation the Pulsar has a great added value to the histo lab. For more information on MM France, please vist their website at:

December 2012: Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from the Fa-Tech team!

September 2012: Fa-Tech Diagnostics Europe applies for two additional patents

Fa-Tech Diagnostics Europe is pleased to announce that two more patent applications have been filed for new labelling solutions. Fa-Tech Diagnotics Europe’s CEO, Léon Faber: “We are continiously working on new technologies, it is the goal of the company to constantly improve our products. It is not our aim to just file for a patent, but to actually develop a product that enhances a patients live and ensures patient safety“. Currently FaTech Diagnostics Europe holds several patents for labelling solutions. The company is the sole manufacurer in the world that can supply a tissue cassette printer that is -not only the fastest available in the market- but has also the possibility to print multiple sides of a tissue cassette and therefore can add much more detailed information on a patient sample -up to 400%- at the highest possible resolution. The company announced earlier this year that it will launch more products in this field in the very near future.

August 2012: Fa-Tech Diagnostics Europe signs multiple distribution contracts

Fa-Tech Diagnostics Europe is proud to announce that in the months July and August, multiple distribution contracts with esteemed partners have been signed. According to Dr. Andrea M. Bertolini, VP Marketing & Sales at Fa-Tech: “Assigning multiple international distributors, supports our strategy of being a global supplying company. We have carefully selected our partners and we are proud to team up with them in providing state-of-the-art labelling solutions for patients all over the world. Aside from our current partners, we are negotiating contracts with several companies in order to cover more areas.” At this point, Fa-Tech has exclusive distribution partners for Australia, New Zealand, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Japan and the United Kingdom.