The Pulsar (model LB26) is the latest innovation in permanent marking on tissue cassettes.

With its small footprint, Pulsar can be implemented in every laboratory and fits simply into any workflow pattern. The system can be easily integrated as a great asset next to the grossing station, for printing on demand, or can be used as a batch printer for high volume laboratories.


Pulsar offers

  • Fast and precise printing of ANY character or symbol on MULTIPLE and diverse surfaces
  • High throughput bench unit
  • Eliminates the need of high cost, hazardous and toxic ink cartridges, printer heads, UV fixing lights and ribbons
  • Drastically lowers operational costs
  • True PERMANENT labeling of tissue cassettes that will withstand any chemical treatment
  • A stunning print resolution of 600 dpi at the lowest setting!
  • The most versatile system currently on the market


Technical data

Nr of hubs 8 (dynamic Magazine Configuration)
Un-loading position 1 station, slide on collector
Writing production speedcassette/min 1 side 10 pcs
2 sides 8pcs
3 sides 6pcs
Characters Alphanumeric, linear barcode, QR, Jpeg, PNG, Tiff or data matrix ascii codes
Computer Touch-screen 15″; Win 7;Dedicated software withPASSWORD-protected accessBuilt-in data base or built-in PCboard with Flash disk
Network connection LAN, USB, Ethernet
Dimensions, LxDxH (mm) 345 x 650 x 480
Weight 20 Kg.
Power 110/230 VAc +/- 10%50/60 HZ, 2000VA
Laser type YAG 1 Watt
Input data From local computer, bar codes, DB, text file, QR code