About Us

Fa-Tech Diagnostics Europe BV develops, manufactures and supplies high tech automation and consumables to the healthcare industry, in particular diagnostic laboratories, research laboratories with emphasys on histo-pathology.

The company is focused onto supporting the hospital accurate and fast response to the patients, by offering identification and labelling devices to the laboratory and ensuring the chain of custody in patient traceability.

Fa-Tech was founded as the result of increasing international activity of highly esteemed European diagnostics and automation specialized companies and individuals. With many years of experience in the anatomical pathology field, we can offer you a comprehensive range of labeling products and are setting the absolute highest standard currently known in the medical labelling industry.


Our Mission

Service: at Fa-Tech Diagnostics, “Service” is not just a department within the company, it is a “way of life”.

Response time: when ordering your products, we commit to an as short as possible delivery time.

Reliability: Fa-Tech only works with the best and highly selected group of suppliers and manufacturers that are complimentary to our own production facilities and product portfolio. Fa-Tech products are developed and produced under the stricktest procedures in respect to the environment. Only the best is good enough. This ensures that our partners and the patient, will have the benefit of an absolute superior product.

Quality: Fa-Tech Diagnostics is fully NEN-ISO 13485:2016 CE/IVD Certified. We look at our quality programme as a continuing process. With this philosophy we can guarantee the end-users, and thus the patients, the best product available. Please contact us for all your requests on regulatory documents.



(Corporate Social Responsibility): By adhering to our corporate social responsibility we are continuing our commitment by business to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of our workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large.


Our Vision

Our clients expect high-quality, innovative products and services for optimal patient safety. Our vision is to be among the most trusted providers of systems and technologies that ensure the security and safety of patients world-wide. As a technology leader, we aim to define the future of patient traceability and marking/identification products.

In so doing, Fa-Tech will strive to become customers’ partner of choice and the patients insurance for adequate sample management and traceability.


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