Fa-Tech Diagnostics is committed to serve, collaborate and advise customers and dealers with our Fast Response Customer Support. Our Training, Technical Support and Product Ordering teams are passionate about helping you, the customer.

Our support team handles questions on the use, configuration, and functionality of Fa-Tech Diagnostics® products. In addition, our team can help in identifying software issues, hardware configurations, and any requests for support on Fa-Tech® products.


We know that our products are essential for the routine daily workflow and that a fast and expert response is mandatory should you have a technical query or need technical support. Contact Fast Response Technical Hotline between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM PST at +39 328 7067051 or send your questions to:



Orders for the Fa-Tech Systems can be placed by calling our Customer Service Order Desk at +39 340 1168422 or +31 316 820387 or e-mail us at:

For cassettes please contact +31 316 820387 or



Our field service specialists are on call to resolve your technical issues on site. Preventative maintenance visits and system performance trends are tracked to ensure your system is at optimal performance. Contact our specialists at +39 328 7067051 ore email us at:



The Fa-Tech Diagnostics training programme is designed to maximize your efficiency with the Fa-Tech Systems and other marking devices and minimize questions when operating and servicing our products. Training is conducted at the Fa-Tech facility in Duiven, the Netherlands or San Benedetto Italia.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Fa-Tech systems:

Q: Is the laser in Fa-Tech systems  cosuming a lot of power?
A: No, it is not. In fact, the laser is only using 1 Watt, therefore consuming significantly less power compared to the currently available cassette printers on the market.

Q: Do I have to print on all 3 sides of the cassette?
A: No, you don’t! You can just use 1 side, or 2, or all 3! Fa-Tech systems adapts to your wishes, not the other way around!

Q: Don’t laser printers emit “ozone”?
A: Fa-Tech systems arn’t a regular laser printer like the ones used in -for example- offices (document printers). Opposed to the “standard” laser printers, Pulsar does NOT create or emit any Ozone. Ozone is created by electric shocks, reacting with Oxygen. Pulsar uses a diode pumped YAG laser, which produces a concentrated light, and not electricity. There are no electric polarities between the light source and the writing surface, as a result there is no creation of electric shocks and therefore no formation of Ozone.

Q: Can I use just any cassette on Fa-Tech systems?
A: No, you need the Fa-Tech cassettes.

Q: Can I integrate Fa-Tech systems into the Lab Management System?
A: Yes, Fa-Tech systems works with practically all available LMS systems, also by using LAN connection.

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