If this was you, wouldn’t you want to have the best possible labeling solution?

When labeling a patient sample, positive identification throughout the entire diagnostic process, is imperative. Quality is simply a cost you cannot cut. A poor quality patient ID, can effect someone’s life. That is why Fa-Tech commits to provide the worlds leading labeling equipment and disposables to the healthcare lab.

Simply because we believe that there are no numbers or barcodes. Only patients…

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High resolution text, barcodes, data matrix and logos

Fa-Tech Diagnostics Europe BV is a pioneering developer and manufacturer of high-performance, laser identification hardware and software products designed for histology and other pathology laboratory applications.


Fa-Tech Diagnostics specializes in:


  • High-tech laser ID systems with
    • Pioneering laser writing technology and software
    • Highest quality, permanent laser printed ID’s
    • High speed, rapid throughput laser writing
    • System compatibility for all modern laboratories
    • Reduction of waste and chemicals for labelling systems
    • 0% ozone emission


Our product concepts focus on:

    • Improving hospital/patient related response times
    • Confidence in chain of custody throughout all processes
    • Controlled sample progression and traceability
    • Ultimate enhancements to service provision

At Fa-Tech our philosophy drives our commitment to:

  • Improving laboratory processes and efficiency
  • Enhanced confidence in accuracy of procedures for pathologists and patients


By design, Fa-Tech products and software are aimed at improving systems and processes so that laboratories and patients have complete confidence in the efficiency and accuracy of procedures.  Our philosophy is based on a simple principle that every number is a patient and our ultimate goal is to contribute to the efficiency of patient care…



*Taped cassettes available worldwide, except ES, FR, DE, AU, CH. For these designated areas Fa-Tech offers a unique solution!